Guest Services

Creating an environment that shows the love of Christ to every person who walks in our doors

Want To Serve?

Here at New Community, we want every single person to feel the love of Christ from the moment they pull into the parking lot to the time they leave our campus! There are several positions that are crucial to make this happen:

Parking Lot Team - This is one of the most important teams on campus! The moment someone pulls into the parking lot, you have the opportunity to make their day better, and show them that we are happy that they chose to worship with us that day!

Greeters - When someone gets to the building, we are always striving the greet them with a warm, smiling face and assist them with anything they may need! This position is also a lot of fun as we get to meet new people every Sunday and show them that they are loved by Christ and US!

Cafe Team - Every week, we offer complimentary beverages to our people, but we couldn't do that without the people who prepare them! We also have "First Sundays" where we have food and more drink choices for people. We are always looking for people who prefer to work behind the scenes while making sure that people feel loved!

To sign up for the Guest Services team, please fill out the form below and our Ministries Coordinator, Laura, will get get in touch with you!

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